lorkhaij said: all good but i’m not gonna follow you there. it was fun till all the drama started. wish you good 2017

understandable! again, im really sorry about the drama – it was easily preventable if i hadnt been a pissy shitty

hopefully 2017 is good to you too! – xol


joyful-raccoon said: Why are y’all such babies

sorry for being “babies” since were both trans?

terfs use “science” as an excuse to be transphobic, and i cannot tolerate people who have ideologies that harm minorities. trans people – primarily trans women – have been threatened, assaulted, and murdered because of such mindsets. at the same time, the same people also fetishize them. id go into a long-winded rant about this but i dont want to clutter the blog with political shit, so heres the door if you need to excuse yourself

– xol