Hey guys, we’re in the process of moving this blog! Sit tight and bear with us!

We are moving due to a really weird tumblr glitch, and to start fresh on our tagging system. Our url will be the same as it was before. We ask that you hold your submissions for a bit.


Once we transfer our posts, this blog will probably be deleted.

Thanks guys! ❤

~mod 1


ok anyways uh to clarify were not moving because of the period drama or cos of terfs “reclaiming” that nasty shit its another personal thing. the terfs are still a bunch of loser babys and they didnt win against us Transgenderes – xol

i didnt know we were moving until just now (which i guess im fien with?) but one more thing about the period post: it started attracting anti sjw blogs too

we also got this nice comment on it from a terf: “Considering men like to shit and rape people on stage this is tame mate”

i regret posting that image & now want to die – xol